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“Sasha Scott’s 1000 parts of you made an impact with its electronic wash of sound, bowed electric guitar and wordless vocals like siren calls. The young British composer, clearly a name to watch, also created an impactful version of Anderson’s O Superman.”

- Rebecca Franks, The Times



“She manages to create fantastic expansive soundscapes, honestly, I have no idea how she does it.”

      -  Afrodeutsche, on 'Swarm', BBC Radio 6 



‘’Her music displays a confidence and maturity that is rare from a debut EP. Swarm is a wonderful track, full of warm textures that swells up and drift around, later accented by scrunching rhythms, adding focus and drive to the track.”

   -, on 'Swarm'



“Four pieces of brisk, high-energy infused music occupy the space denoting this debut EP by Sasha Scott. Dragonfly opens fast and loose via a chaotic sequence of electrical impulses, exploding in all directions, seemingly dark while gazing towards the light at the end of the tunnel as colliding sounds gently resolve themselves by the outro. The title track itself then proceeds to add heavy-duty drums in amongst its defiant whir of edgy loops feeling rigorously fired-up by the accompanying tempo. Next, the haunting strains of Adrenaline follow allowing space for soulful breath before the incendiary haywire kicks in. The EP ends on the intense ambience fuelling the excellent Swarm with shimmering sounds clashing to provoke a myriad of reactions, while asking one question about cause and effect.”

  -  Greg Fenton, on 'Spiral (EP)', MagazineSixty


“The piece is impressive both for how it projects a coherent internal logic and in the way Scott teases the prospect of enormous pent-up power lurking beneath the surface.”

  -  Simon Cummings, on 'Nerve', 5:4 Blog


“It’s a little menacing, but if you like a little darkness in your electronica then we’s strongly suggest you give it 5 minutes of your time…”

   - , on 'Adrenaline'



“The cycling, distorted, sparkling tone that fades in and out that draws us in to Sasha Scott’s “Swarm” has a structure not unlike that of a swarm of insects. Composed of individual resonances that become vivid and coherent then diffused in its ever evolving dynamic, Scott seems to chart what on some level has to be a complex mathematical construct that doesn’t operate according to any distinct logic but its own organic arrangements. Into that cloud of distorted tones Scott extrapolates a physicality that she orchestrates in ascending volumes and into a slow wave that slow ripples in a create use of stereo processing so that we feel like we’re within the swarm as well and finding a strange comfort in its enveloping energy.”

  -  Queen City Sounds and Art Blog, on 'Swarm'



“Tremulous and powerful, threatening to really let rip at any moment.”

  -  Simon Cummings, on 'Nerve', 5:4 Blog

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