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Sasha Scott - Humans May Not Apply
Sasha Scott: Introspection

Sasha Scott: Introspection

This piece was written on the Composition and Performance Course in 2022 and performed in the Aldeburgh Festival in June 2023. The Composition and Performance Course is part of the Britten Pears Young Artist Programme. More information here: Sasha Scott: "I started writing Introspection on the Britten Pears Young Artist Course in Aldeburgh, November 2022. Over the course I found myself quite disconnected from my life in London and often found myself with only my inner thoughts, and I wanted this piece to be reflective of that emotional process. The word ‘Introspection’ is the observation of one’s own mental and emotional processes. I wanted this piece to reflect on circling and swirling thoughts going around someone’s head; and at times spiralling out of control. I wanted to emulate this by creating clouds of distorted textures and echoing chords reverberating around the performance space." Matt Jolly: filmmaker Jonathan Berman: conductor Claire Booth: vocal tutor Colin Matthews: composition mentor Otis Enokido-Lineham: assistant conductor Philip Dutton: composer Beatrice Ferreira: composer Sun Keting: composer Marcello Palazzo: composer Marcus Rock: composer Sasha Scott: composer McKenzie Warriner: soprano Katie Macdonald: mezzo-soprano Phoebe Rayner: mezzo-soprano Elicia Neo: violin Tiago Soares: Silva violin Miguel Sobrinho: viola Alasdair Morton-Teng: cello Richard English: bass Hannah Gillingham: flute Tommy Hill: oboe Raymond Brien: clarinet Emily Newman: bassoon George Strivens: horn Tom Kearsey: trumpet Kalun Leung: trombone Tom Hall: percussion Lise Vandersmissen: harp Rob Hao: piano / celeste David Palmer: piano /celeste / harmonium


Drifting Haze - link to broadcast (timecode 35:35)


Performed by the BBC Symphony Orchestra, Conducted by Dalia Stasevska, Live @ BBC Maida Vale Studios, 2024

Nerve - link to broadcast


Performed by the BBC Concert Orchestra, Conducted by Hugh Brunt, 2021

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